Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why I Shouldn't Make Fun of the Idiot teenage daughters from the Real Housewives or the Rolling Stoned

On last nights Idol, which was "Rolling Stones" night, I had my fingers crossed that someone would sing "Start Me Up" for no other reason than I wanted to hear one of them belt out the line: "you make a dead man cum" (yes this is an actual line in the song. You can't say Mick isn't romantic). Sadly no one sang that tune, but I must admit unlike many people I knew the words to every single one of those freaking songs. I owe this to my mom who had the Stone's double album "Hot Rocks" on constant rotation during my childhood. She loved the Stones so much that on a trip back from Mexico, the song "Honky Tonk Woman" came on and she pulled the car over, got out and started dancing on the side of the highway with her sister. I sat in back, redfaced and ashamed. I'm a big fan of the Stones as well, but have never seen them in concert. Luckily Parker has (sort of). Here's her experience:

At the ripe age of 19 in the late 80s my college boyfriend and I went to see the Stones at the Superdome in New Orleans. My dad had gotten us tickets and to my surprise the two people sitting next to us were his company Sales Manager and wife - who my parents were also great friends with, and still are to this day. Being an appropriate, well-mannered and mature teenager , I proceeded to smoke a big fat joint right next to them . I thought perhaps if I didn't look their way or blow my smoke in their direction they wouldn't notice. Yes, I'm a genius.

They never spilled the beans on me and I was watching American Idol last night I don't recognize any of the songs. Either its that all the contestants thus far are horrible, or it was that giant Cheech and Chong spliff I sucked down at that concert. I do remember Mick dry humping a plastic blow up doll on stage and no I was not dropping acid. For that concert anyway. -parker

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