Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Leprechaun Day

Hopefully most of you are sober enough to read. I turned on the local news at 7:00 am and a reporter was interviewing some overly excited and completely wasted people at a Los Angeles Bar. I love a good drink now and then but can't ever imagine a scenario where I would/could be drunk at 7 am (unless I was 19 again and still drunk from the night before. That is/was totally plausible). But then amidst the drunkards I saw something that actually made me jump back a bit. The bar had hired a midget (oops! I mean "little person") to dress up like a leprechaun and hide throughout the bar while the revelers searched for him. What really bothered me was that he was African-American (perhaps African-Irish) and some genius decided it would be smart to paint his face green. The result was anything but green. This poor little leprechaun man was the exact same color as the mystery-bruise I have on my right thigh. In fact, he looked not unlike the dancing California Raisins from back in the day.

I haven't been able to stop thinking of the purple leprechaun, because I can only imagine the kind of ridicule and torture that he has endured today. I know from experience that drunk people can be cruel (you can ask Parker who once dry-humped a Sponge Bob in Times Square). Anyhoo, here's hoping he's well paid and can enjoy a nice frosty green beer when his Leprechaun shift is over.

In the meantime, Happy St. Patty's Day - please enjoy this amazing video from a few years back. Apparently Leprechaun's are real. Who knew?

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