Friday, March 19, 2010

Put the Label on the Table (and tell Bill Blass and Calvin Klein to F-Off while you're at it)

I considered writing about the Jessie James/Sandra Bullock scandal, but personally I find this much more entertaining.
From the WTF files, here is a video that captures the epitome of the 1980's. If you didn't grow up during that decade, you might not relate, but if you were a child of the 80's, you might just be mesmerized.

Mr. T's prolific commentary during the "fashion show" (secret warehouse pedophile meeting?) really puts the icing on the cake. Lines like," Here's Zena and Xena from San Bernidina"; "Here's Marta in her graffiti-inspired tank top, catching the A Train to fashion. She's a real 'hot dog'"and "Hey, that was great. I like that, don't you?" Best of all, at the end of the video he basically tells Calvin Klein and Bill Blass to go F-themselves and encourages us to "Put the label on the table and wear your own name." I'm headed upstairs to my closet right now, Mr T!

Catch Mr. T's reaction from behind as he watches model "Manny" break dance. It really makes me uncomfortable. He's right about Janine, however. She does look cool as a "peppermint ice cream." Damn, I'm never going to get that Casio synthesizer "new wave" song out of my head.

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