Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Email of the day: Nicole Kidman's Baby, Madonna's Brother and the Humdrum Bachelorette

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Re: Pop Culture Crapola

Nicole Kidman gave birth to a (wrinkle free?) baby girl on Sunday who she named "Sunday Rose". Sunday Rose? Really? When I hear "Sunday Rose" I immediately picture a feminine hygiene product (more specifically it sounds like the brand name of a douche). Don't get me wrong - the name "Sunday" is quite nice and "Rose" all alone is pretty but put them together and it all goes south. 

Last night the Bachelorette ended (insert cricket chirping noise here). I don't think anyone cared, including myself  - I only watched the last ten minutes. Deanna (who you'd think was Angelina Joile the way the men on the show salivated over her) chose Jesse the "Snowboarder Dude" (speaking of douches). Good for you Deanna, because nothing says "stability" like a Snowboarder. Between his lack of education, weekend trips to Sun Valley and all the pot smoking, I'm sure he'll make a wonderful husband.

Madonna's crazy brother Christopher Ciccone will be on Good Morning America next week (must TIVO) to promote his new book. I may have to hit the bottom of the barrel and actually buy this book. Of course I will have to order it online rather than be humiliated at Borders by standing in line holding "Life With My Sister Madonna".  Clever title by the way. Sounds like Christopher spent a long agonizing night trying to come up with something original. If I was the greedy, publicity-hungry sibling of Madonna, I'd choose a name like "Material Bitch" or "Like a Virgin Bitch", "Lucky Star-Bitch" or "Who's That Girl?: The Story of my Bitchy Sister Madonna." But that's just me.

P.S. - you know he is pissed at her - just look at that unflattering photo.

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