Thursday, July 3, 2008

Email of the Day: Pop Culture Round Up

From: Parker@don'
RE: Madonna etc...

No surprise Madonna and Guy Ritchie may be splitting up. Apparently she would only let him go to the pub three times a week and that was a problem for him. Like she couldn't just chill and enjoy her down time or roll around in some money or something, or how about go have an Ale with him? Surely this would have helped hone her British accent.

Since I haven't given a shit about Madonna since she rocked my world in Desperately Seeking Susan with the dance tune, "Get Into The Groove", I don't mind saying that she seems like a total bitch that takes herself way too seriously. I am not surprised that they are breaking up. I have never seen a husband look so miserable on the red carpet. He always looks like he wants to OJ her ass as soon as they get home.

Also have you heard about Michael Lohan's "love child" who is also shopping a record deal at 13? Just what the world needs. 

Lastly, I read that they might make a "Friends" movie. Don't care, don't care, don't care.

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