Monday, July 7, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

So, I haven't made a blog entry in over a week and I am sure our many (three) readers are wondering if the magic is over. No, unfortunately I am back from my vacation which means more blogging from Parker and Val. 

My family and I have been on a whirlwind trip across the U.S. (Dallas and San Diego!) and the idea of blogging was pushed aside in favor of doing cannonballs off Parker's diving board in Dallas and laying on the beach drinking margaritas in San Diego. We started off our vacation by visiting Parker's house in Dallas. When I say "house" I really mean "museum" - it is huge, modern, long and linear and my kids immediately turned the upstairs into a whirlwind of clothing, and wet towels strewed across the guest bedrooms (all four of them). Parker and her husband "Daddy Warbucks" love to entertain and when I say "entertain" what I really mean is feed  you until you can hardly move and bombard you with expensive wines and beers. Seriously, last week I drank more beers than a migrant farmer at an open bar. Today, my stomach is still so distended that it resembles J-Lo's during her 9th month of pregnancy with twins.

It was during one of these beer/wine-fueled nights that Parker's brother and I got into a conversation about "blogging". He proceeded to tell me that the truth is, no one gives a rat's ass about us or our blog and we should focus not on ourselves, but on the entertainment industry. While he is probably right with  his claim that no one cares what we have to say, I must say that the blogisphere needs another gossip sight like it needs another site filled with baby pictures. He continued on berating our blog asserting that we will never have an audience and we should give it up. Parker abruptly ended the conversation by telling him that since he'd never spent more than 5 seconds on our blog he should "F#*k off". 

On the way home from Dallas, I pondered: Maybe Parker's brother is right. Maybe our blog is a fruitless effort based on our heightened since of self-importance? Us? Self Important? Nah!

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