Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Some Decent Television!

Last night after a glass of wine and an hour long Discovery Channel documentary about the squid family I was desperate for some real entertainment. Unfortunately, despite 700+ channels, Sunday night on cable is a Dead Zone. I love crappy reality as much as the next guy but after two minutes of VH1's "I Love Money" I was seriously afraid I might catch a venereal disease just from watching. I've tried to watch "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" but really it's not complicated at all and in fact should be called "Denise Richards: It's Unwatchable." 

As I  scrolled down the channels, (my hand cramping) somewhere in the 300's I discovered a channel called "Fuse" (who knew?) and the last half of an amazing 1980's movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt called "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Named for the Cyndi Lauper song, the plot  revolved around a  girl (Sara Jessica Parker) lusting after a motorcycle-riding guy from the wrong side of the tracks. An original plot to be sure, and more importantly, how did I miss this gem-of-a-movie the first time around? Was my 17-year old social calendar so molten- hot that I was too busy to see this back in 1985? Regardless, I was seeing it now and it never fails: the worse the movie, the harder it becomes to fall asleep. So I watched in agony for an hour while Sarah Jessica and her leather-jacket-over-a-half-shirt-wearing rebel-lover prepared for the "dance contest of the year".  Of  course there was the token rich girl and her factory-owning father who threatened to destroy their dream, not to mention the always wacky Helen Hunt as the goofball best friend with a hair style that rivaled a blond Don King. 

Obviously I don't want to give the ending away and spoil it for anyone else who might meander past the Fuse Channel at 2 am in the next coming weeks, but I will say that as craptastic as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" was, it still ran entertainment circles around "I Love Money (and Valtrex)" and the "Complicated" Ms. Richards.

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