Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recession Obsession

As I sit here watching the news about the IndyMac Bank Crisis, gas crunch,the mortgage mess, and the stock market (which seems to be going down faster than Paris Hilton on a first date), I feel more and more like Debbie Downer on ludes. It's bad enough that the economy is   in the dumps, but the media has to exploit the perilous predicament 24/7. 

Yesterday, I went on the website "Zillow.com" to check my home's value. Zillow, for those who don't know, is a website with real time value estimates on any address in the country. Last year at this time, our house was valued at approx. $55k more than we paid for it. Today, the fine  folks a "Zillow" estimate my  house at $145,000 less than it's  purchase price 2 1/2 years ago. Thanks Zillow, you made my day. Apparently, my house is depreciating more than a Detroit crack house next to the train tracks. I spent a restless night obsessing about the value of my house and the state of the union. I even considered pulling a Dina Lohan and whoring my daughter out in the entertainment business. I'm pretty sure Miley Cyrus' parents don't spend sleepless nights worrying over the price of their LA McMansion. Maybe if I had a candy dish of Xanex by my bed I could look on the bright side.

 In the meantime I guess we're all in this together, (aside from the Brad and Angelina's of this world who get a $10 million dollar paycheck for popping out twins and letting OK magazine take a Polaroid.) My kids will have to deal  with the consequences of "leftovers" and not going to the movies twice a week. No more ambling trips to Ikea and Target for shopping sprees of useless knick-knacks. It looks like we'll be watching a lot of television and taking trips to the public pool over the next year. And I guess my next round of Botox injections will have to be put on hold until the market bounces back. 

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