Wednesday, March 4, 2009

File This One Under "Who Gives a Shiat"

Dear ABC:
Is anyone still watching The Bachelor? Last night I turned on the telly to come face to face with something called "The Bachelor: After the Rose, Part 2". Part 2? Really? Weren't the 2 hour weekly shows where desperate horny women drool over an ordinary guy like he was George frickin Clooney, enough? And thank god for that reunion show: we all can finally sleep at night now that we know that the other 14 whores have been able to move on after losing at love. 

And yes, this might have actually been the "most dramatic Bachelor Rose Ceremony ever" what with Jason proposing then dumping the girl #1 and going back to the girl #2, yada yada yada, but do we really care anymore? Call me when he marries four of them, moves to Utah and gets all Big Love on our asses. Until them, I am over you, "The Bachelor". Good Riddance.

P.S. Jesus, quit your sobbing Jason. Your family didn't just die in a fiery plane crash. 


Jenn said...

They're all gonna be on Ellen in stages this week! o.o I dont watch the show, but ellen is so upset about it, I'm dying to see them.

Jenn said...

ahh it's so nice to hear someone who DOESN'T think this show is the best thing that ever happened to humanity! I'm not usually a viewer but watched the finale just to see bitches cry.