Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Stay Classy Paris

I try not to write about Paris Hilton, because, while I'm no humanitarian,  she is clearly the most self-absorbed and repulsive person on the planet (OK, its a tie with Bobby Trendy - someday I'll tell the story about being on the LAX shuttle with Bobby and his shiny lip gloss). But when I saw her wearing this shirt I couldn't resist sharing her swanky style with the rest of the world). Because nothing says "class", "maturity," and "America's Royalty" quite like a shirt with a quote about all my other shirts having cum on them written in permanent black Sharpie. By the way, Paris just turned 27. At 27 I was married and a mother of two. I even had a full-time career back in the day. Someone needs to throw a diarrhea pie in her face and tell her to grow the f**k up. (This coming from someone who was doing Kamikaze shots and  stage dives outside a college bar three weeks ago, but at least I wasn't wearing my cum shirt).

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