Friday, March 27, 2009

A Quick Idol Recap - Creepy Smokey and Sweaty Ruben

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything as creepy as Smokey Robinson (whose forehead at age 75 is more wrinkle-free than mine) making googly eyes to Joss Stone throughout their duet. For crying out loud his face was pulled back so tightly, that blinking is practically a calisthenic. He reminded me of the pervert  old uncle that shows up to every family reunion and asks the little girls to sit on his lap.

Poor Ruben Studdard. Throughout his entire boring song I kept hoping a stagehand would run out and towel him down. Honestly, I could run the LA Marathon in 110 degree heat and still produce less sweat than Ruben's forehead produced in a matter of seconds. Also, when I yelled aloud to the TV,  "Can  someone get Ruben a hanky?" my son added, "And a McDonald's application."  Then we cackled and my husband sadly shook his head.

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