Saturday, March 14, 2009

High School Memories

Oh how this brings back memories. Did Chris Farley have a secret video camera set up in the Jack in the Box on Campbell Ave in Tucson, AZ. circa 1986? Because this is almost a re-enactment of me during my off -campus lunch hour every day during Junior Year in High School  (0f course there might have been a little pot smoking involved in my french-fry/McDonalds Caramel Sundae with extra nuts addiction). Perhaps this is why today I'm such a freak about what (and how often) I eat. Somehow, even despite my substantive meal of 2 Pepsi's a day (and a small lunch) I still have Lil" Kim's midsection and back fat, so perhaps I need to reconsider my diet plan. Lay off me, I'm Starving!!!
-Yours hungrily  - val
P.S. - I know this video is older than God - but E! (which is practically on a constant loop at my house) aired a Best of Chris Farley SNL and I was reminded of his greatness.

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