Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idol Goes Country - and I Go Comatose

So last night I abstained from the St. Patrick's day beer-drinking marathon (actually, I haven't celebrated St. Patrick's day since 1991), got into my most comfortable sweat pants and turned on American Idol, only to discover it was "Country" night. Uggh. Sorry, but I've just never been a fan of the whole Jamboree scene. Despite my hatred for country music, I endured (because the options were listening to Jewel's snaggletooth yodel song on "Dancing with the Stars" or a torturous episode of "NCIS".

I can only imagine the reaction of those poor innocent contestants when Randy Travis walked into the rehearsal room to give them advice. First of all, I'm no expert but I'm guessing Randy hasn't had a hit since most of these kids were still in diapers and imagine that not one of them knew who he was. Had I been a contestant I'd think the producers had sent in the Cryptkeeper (with a great set of fake teeth) as my musical coach for the week. Someone from the Craft Services table needed to stage an intervention stat and bring Mr. Travis a tuna club on a hoagie roll before he collapsed from malnutrition. Also, did anyone catch his eye-candy of a wife in the audience? She looked like she'd rather be sitting naked on a chair made of glass chards watching a live execution then sitting through Adam Lambert singing "Ring of Fire" set to the soothing sound of an Indian Sitar.

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Anonymous said...

Last night my workplace got together for St patty's. My other boss arrived and looked mischievous and he said "She's gonna be so mad, I forgot to turn the TV on to tape American idol" and my boss was MAD when she found out. Like, MAD. She went on for five minutes about how hard was it to turn the tv on!!?

I think I made some snarky comment like oh no! How awful! But I think she either ignored it or didn't hear me.