Monday, March 2, 2009

More Bubble Bath Blogging the Blues

Once again, here I am blogging in the bath about the things that are on my mind this week:

The economy: My doctor actually ordered me to stop watching CNN, because I get anxiety attacks every time the stock market plummets (which is just about every day), she also cut off my supply of Xanax (for the stock market meltdown attacks) so now, instead of watching the world turn into the depressing movie, "Cinderella Man" I am finding myself watching shit like "Celebrity Apprentice" or spending hours on Facebook looking for old Jr High classmates and writing "50 Random Things About Me." I've also started baking lately and have become obsessed with making the perfect banana cream pie. So I blame you economy for making me watch the Donald (who I've met and is as obnoxious as you'd think) and for the ever-growing banana cream fat ass. God, I miss the days when I was young and poor and had never heard the term 401k. OK, I take that back, at least I still have my (under appreciated) house and haven't (yet) had to purchase a Hyundai because they are the only car company offering no penalty to your credit if you lose your job and have to give it back. (That's always a reassuring tv ad - no panic here).

Celebrity Apprentice: I am one of the few people who actually sat through the uber-long 2 hour premiere (via my DVR) of Celebrity Apprentice. Looks like the ratings are down this year - might it be that people are sick of meglomaniac Donald tooting his own horn? Maybe we're just sick of psuedo-celebrities trying to peddle Carls Jr burgers and bottled water to passerbys on the streets of New York? This season they actually have one of the models from "Deal or No Deal" competing - because everyone knows that opening suitcases in golden glitter dresses helps to prepare you in the fast paced business world. Regardless, after last night's cupcake cook off, I'm hooked. Damnation.

Wii Fit: We got the Wii for Christmas but I quickly became disillusioned when I threw out a rotator cup in my right shoulder after an especially gruelling game of fake tennis (self-diagnosis, but I now can no longer scratch the middle of my back with my right hand). More recently, I had the bright idea to quit the gym that I never go to and invest in a Wii Fit. Because that's really working out for me. So far I've partaken in Yoga exactly 2 times and can someone please tell me how walking a virtual tight rope will help me get fit? When my poor husband (who has put on about 15 lbs recently) created his Wii character, it actually weighed him, measured his body fat and then we watched as his character's stomach morphed into the pregnant man. Not cool, Wii Fit, not cool.


angelsroy33 said...

I couldn't agree w/ you more on the economy, can make you crazy insane if you dwell.DON'T.I understand how you feel w/ everything else too.(Especially Donald Trump. I'd like to fly him to Mars and just drop him off.~Just my opinion tho.)I have to thank you once again for ALWAYS entertaining me w/ your blogs,...funny,intelligent,and current events, plus a peek into your life. Perfect! I look foward to it everyday. Thank you!

Jenn said...

Ladies! (As opposed to DUDE!!) Ellen has Brett on her show today (probably talking about how ladylike his girls on the bus are), and I wanted to let you know in case you are able to somehow dig it up.

Jenn said...

And, I don't watch the news anymore. Or look at papers. I just muddle along with work and that's about it. I'm worried, but more worried about the restaurant industry. x.x Don't spend too much less! The only way to help a suffering economy is to spend money locally!!! At least that's my belief in everywhere but where you live :P I'd rather go to a cute little dive in a seaport in NorCal than some trendy cafe on the Drive. No offense, again.

Jenn said...

Auuuugh!!! I am sickened. SICKENED!!!!!! What a douchebag!!! And the women are going APE over him. APE!!! As if he hasn't slept with a thousand women, as if that's a really attractive feature on a guy.

I'm thoroughly disgusted. What you all saw in him, I'll never know. =P

Elizabeth said...

I love the Wii FIT! We have parties at my apartment all the time and invite practically the whole building. Drunk Wii FIT is even better! Try walking the tight rope then!