Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sofa Dance

The producers at American Idol are genius! All night I worried about how blind Scott would make it through the dancing musical number with the other 12 contestants but someone (Debbie Allen, Paula Abdul herself?) choreophed a dance in which he barely had to shake his grove thing thereby preventing a horrible accident. Who'd a thunk Scott could perform something as amazing and entertaining as that hot sofa dance while he flailed his arms carelessly about?

Now that he's moved on to the final 12 - what clever ideas will they think of next for the oh-so-anticipated dance numbers? I pedict they put him on a stripper pole where he can spin and twirl to his hearts delight without fear of falling into the orchestra pit. Oh, and those little monsters better be singing the Brady Bunch hit "Sunshine Day" while he works that pole.

Meanwhile my crush (aka Jorge, aka Antonio Banderas in "Philadelphia", aka Madonna's boyfriend with a lazy eye) also made it through and no surprise here,
Lil Round Ass (as Parker has nicknamed her) continue on.

The Wild Card Round starts in just a few hours (out here on the West Coast) and naturally they brought back the Tatiana for some authentic tears and Oscar winning drama. When she is done with Idol, she could totally get a gig on Passions (is that even still on the air?) I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow.

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